Why Ebike?

A great way to explore this beautiful, natural environment.


You’ll be helped along, but you’ll feel it, at the end of the day. There is no denying that these are great for exercising.

Turbo Power

Tackle hills with confidence. You won’t quail as something steep approaches. Just switch to Turbo mode, and power on up.

See Eryri anew

You may know the area, and you may know it well, but the view from an ebike is a delight. This is a beautiful area, and this is a great way to see it.


Explore new areas, and travel further, and faster, but see something you like, and……stop! You’re not in a car, or on a bus. Take your time, and enjoy the experience.

Environmentally friendly, cycling is better for everyone

No noise, no fumes and no clogging up the rural environment, getting up on your bike means you can take advantage of this rural idyll, without making a mess of it. 

Be a part of nature

You won’t be disturbing the peace. In the spring time, watch out for lambs in the road. You might hear the wind in your ears, but you’re travelling quietly. Touch the bell to warn the lambs in the road of your approach!

Fantastic service, quality bikes. Thank you Ben

— Helen Bailey

Breathtaking views – definitely a great experience!

— Mr Kris